Toronto's Very Own WhoopiePies!

A WhoopiePie is a magical cake sandwich consisting of buttercream sandwiched between two delicious morsels of cake.

Whoopiepies originated in the USA and there is much debate over which state this cakey treat actually first landed. Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Virgina and New Hampshire all claim to be the birthplace of the whoopiepie. Portland, Maine has made it their national treat and even has an entire festival devoted to this dessert!

In the USA as they squabble over the claim to fame of the fist whoopiepies… Over here in Toronto, CutiePie has taken this untapped treat to the next level.  We are proud to be the fist cake company in Toronto to offer an ENTIRE LINE of specialty WhoopiePies!! ;~)

You can order mini and full size WhoopiePies in any of the flavours we offer, as well as in our gluten-friendly and vegan-friendly options!

You can order full boxes of WhoopiePies, request a mix of WhoopiePies and Cupcakes or even spike your beverage in-store with a WhoopiePie garnish.

For your next party try something different. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised!

Please book your orders in advance as in-store WhoopiePies are limited.