The Unicorn Latte

The Original Unicorn Latte

❤️If it is possible to capture the flavours of happiness, we imagine that they would taste like these… ‘Magic’ (Cotton Candy), ‘Party’ (Champagne) and ‘Romance’ (Lavender). 

These beautiful cupcake inspired, iced lattes are swirled with whipped cream and your choice of mini whoopiepie. They can be made with or without espresso and are a wonderful and surprisingly not-too-sweet treat, enjoyed by people of all ages.

A Brief and Magical History of The Original Unicorn Latte…

This is what happens when a regular, generic iced latte gets a magical CutiePie makeover!

We opened our first cupcake shop and espresso in Toronto back in June 2016.  This mystical drink was created a way to add a touch of CutiePie magic to what would have otherwise been a regular coffee menu. It was originally called a ‘LattePie’ and was modeled after our Cotton Candy Princess cupcake.

This unique and marvelous beverage was immediately embraced by the city, who took it upon themselves to name it ‘The Unicorn Latte’.   You can imagine how happy it made us to hear visitors speak the words “Can I please order one of those Unicorn Lattes?!” What a special gift!❤️

This Unicorn Latte phenomena quickly made waves across the globe and CutiePie has been noted as being the first Toronto-born food company to launch an international food trend. These majestic drinks are probably one of the most photographed and intriguing drinks. These beauties get a lot of attention to say the least!  Read More Here.

We are home of The Original Unicorn Latte and we owe it all to YOU!