The Cupcake Club

The Cupcake Club makes indulging your sweet tooth on the regular easier as members get to kick off the first Friday of each new month with cupcakes delivered to their home or office, without any of the usual monthly planning. Join our Cupcake Club, sit back and relax while your cupcakes are delivered for your pleasure each and every month!

What’s even sweeter is that members save more money each month the longer they sign up for!

Memberships are perfect for monthly office meetings, presentations, birthday celebrations, in-house appreciation or just because. The Cupcake Club is the essential gift for any sweet-toothed lover, friend, family member or client. It’s the perfect way to keep them thinking of you month after month!

This club is exclusive as space is limited.  If you would like to request more information and/or an invite to CutiePie’s Cupcake Club, please send an email to the address below with the details of your request. We will assess your request and get back to you within 5 business days.

Contact us at