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In 2009, CutiePie Cupcakes & Co, Toronto’s favourite cupcake company was born out of a love of all things sweet and a desire to bring smiles to faces.  We believe in magic and that dreams and wishes can come true. It is this belief that brought forth all of our wonderful creations!

We have been continually noted for our innovation and trendsetting ways and this is a result of our love to create new products and ways to experience the otherwise ordinary. Our successes are a fruition of believing dreams are worth chasing and from the help and guidance of everyone we have met along the way 

We believe that everything is better with a touch of magic and that drinks and desserts should look just as good as they taste. It’s a wonderful surprise that despite our magical and vibrant style, our products hold unique but subtle flavours and are never too sweet.  This all adds to our charm. ;~)

We are honoured to be known as the home to the very first Unicorn Latte, Rainbow IceCream Cones & line of cakey products.

Happiness is designed to be shared

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Melanie Abdilla, founded CutiePie Cupcakes & Co, in 2009.  She has since become both a leader and an innovator in the Toronto dessert scene. Her innate and unrelenting passion, motivation, perseverance and talents have led this self-taught baker and branding maven to become recognized across the city and beyond for her notorious treats and of course the forever notorious “Unicorn Latte“.

Melanie has an extensive background in the hospitality and service industry, an Honours degree in Psychology and a background in advertising. This, along with her innate eye for branding, originality and creativity, have provided the foundation for the company’s continuous growth over the years. The support from her team, clients, family and friends alike have given her the confidence and drive to continue her mission to spread happiness, one deliciously unique treat at a time.

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