• May or may not have ever EVER used Instagram before
  • You know that Instagram and other social media is important for businesses in Today’s world
  • You are not sure what kind of things to post on social media to build your brand

CutiePie Creative:

  • We will help you get clear on the essense of your brand
  • We will show you how to use instagram
  • We will provide you with a simple strategy of what to post so you can get started
  • Will provide you with an affordable service that wont break the bank

Why Brand Coaching?:

  • You will feel confident using Instagram once you understand how the app functions
  • You will be able to create a page that truly represents your brand
  • You may even find that you ENJOY using Instagram
  • An effective page will bring you business
  • You can use this knowledge to build your other social media platforms
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