Interactive Desserts Bars

From birthdays, weddings, corporate functions to high profile events,
you can find people enjoying our treats and magical activations all over the city!


Our unique interactive dessert bars bring both deliciousness and entertainment to your events. Our live bakers wow your guests as they make Cupcakes, Whoopiepies and Unicorn Lattes to order at their requests right before their eyes!

The Cupcake Genie grants your guests’ 3 delicious wishes as they choose their favourite combinations of cakes, frostings and toppings. The ‘Genie’ is our signature look but we can work with any themes or costumes for your specific events.

For something extra special, our staff will bring the magic of our original Unicorn Lattes to your events. We will host a Unicorn Latte Bar and serve up our notoriously beautiful and delicious drinks for your guests.  These are perfect for all crowds as they can be made both with or without the espresso.


Private in-store events: Escape for a couple hours in the magic of CutiePie Cupcakes.  Genies, Unicorns and the most unique and magical of treats will WOW your guests as their dreams come to life, right before their eyes!

*Unicorn Themed Kids Parties

*Sophisticated & Magical Parties for Adult

*Accommodating up to 15 guests

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NOTE: This is form it for requests only. Your order is not booked until we confirm the order and payment is received. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

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Type of Station:
Latte BarCupcake/Whoopie StationBoth